Domestic Violence – Tips on hiring the right lawyer

domestic violence

Why do you need a Domestic Violence Lawyer to deal with Domestic Violence charges? Tips on hiring the right lawyer

Violence of any sort is a heinous crime and the guilty should be punished by law. This is the reason why domestic abuse against any person be it a man, woman or child is considered a serious matter by law. If you or any of your near ones have been a victim of any kind of mental and physical abuse, you should get legal help as soon as possible.

As per the law, domestic abuse is defined as an abuse towards a family member or an intimate partner. This can include your current or former spouse, a person you have lived with or are still dating, someone who is related to you by blood and someone who is adopted. Abuse against women is more common across all cultures and ethnic backgrounds but men, children and elder citizens too are a part of this awful truth.

Domestic Violence

The abuser is driven by the need to control and that is why try and harass the victim by any means possible. The abuse can range from annoying telephone calls and messages, stalking (like following the victim every time when he/she leaves the house), threats, unwanted sexual touching, destruction of personal property and hitting.

If a person is going through this tormenting phase, he/she should report the incident to police immediately and get help. If the victim holds a responsibility of a child and the abuser can become a threat to child’s life, getting help of a lawyer is must so as to obtain Emergency Protective Order (EPO) that gives the temporary custody of the child to the victim and prohibits the abuser from coming closer to them.

This is why A Domestic Abuse Sufferer Need a Domestic Violence Lawyer:

Whether you need a lawyer by your side when you are filing your case would depend on what your current situation is, if you want a divorce, fighting for child custody or want to settle disputes over personal property. Such situations are complicated to handle and so cannot be managed without proper legal knowge. This is the main reason why hiring a domestic violence lawyer is necessary.

An experienced lawyer can help you understand your legal rights regarding your property, children and can present your case in the best manner in the court. Having a lawyer by your side also becomes important when the opposition has one because you would not want to make your defense weaker just because you could not manage hiring a lawyer.

Tips on Hiring the Right Lawyer

Before you finalize whom to trust and handle your case to, do some research and get to know a bit more about the lawyer’s past experience and working style. How skillful the lawyer is and how many cases he has won in the past will affect your case as well. And one wrong decision can ruin this for you.

You can talk to your colleagues, friends or relatives and ask them for their recommendation. There are online directories that provide information regarding the best domestic violence lawyers in the area; you can take help from that.

Do not forget to ask about the fee structure. Sometimes, very renowned lawyers charge you for initial consultation. Understand what you will be paying for, how much the whole process will cost and when you need to pay your bill while selecting a lawyer.

If you get a chance then, talk to any of the previous clients of the lawyer to know his working style and how good he is as a person.


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