Lawsuit Filed – Dealing With A Filed Lawsuit


Lawsuit Filed: Dealing With A Filed Lawsuit

lawsuit filedSometimes, no matter how carefully you tread, you would still find yourself being on the end of a lawsuit. If you happen to find yourself in this decision, you have to make sure that you plan your next steps carefully.

If you have a lawsuit filed against you, one of the things that you have to pay particular attention to would be the deadline to file for your response. In most cases, responses to a lawsuit filed should be submitted within 30 days. There have been cases where a person lost a lawsuit against him or her simply because he or she was not able to file a response on time.

In the off chance that you were not able to submit your response on time, you can ask for a cancellation of default judgment. Keep in mind, however, that you would need to submit a good reason why. Although there have been cases when a default judgment has been set aside, do not get your hopes up. It would still be up to the judge if the default judgment would be set aside.

Your Response to a Lawsuit Filed Against You

There are different types of responses that you can make use of in order to deal with the lawsuit filed against you. One of this is the general denial, which is typically used when you do not agree with anything on the lawsuit filed against you. Keep in mind that making a general denial does not necessarily mean that nothing in the complaint is true.

lawsuit filedAnother type of response is known as the demurrer. A demurrer is typically used when you want the court to know that you might have done something wrong but what you have done is not enough as to warrant a lawsuit. You have to be careful when making use of this kind of response as you are actually implying that you are guilty in one way or another.

If a lawsuit filed against you contains statements that you think are immaterial, vague, not legal, or is just a repetition of something that has been previously stated, you can file a motion to strike. This is one way of asking the court to take out a certain statement that you think is not necessary to the complaint being made against you.

Lawsuit Filed Against You: More points to Consider

Now, if you feel that the other party would have an unfair advantage over you if he or she files the complaint in a certain court, you can file a motion for transfer. This would give you the chance to have the lawsuit filed some place else. This is, however, something that would need a substantial reason from you.

lawsuit filedLastly, one of the ways you can deal with a lawsuit filed against you would be to file a motion to stay or dismiss an action. As with other motions that you might be filing, you have to make sure that you provide sufficient grounds why you want a certain action to be put on hold for a certain amount of time.

In order to be on the safe side, get the services of a lawyer whose expertise includes the situation you are in. There have been many cases when the simplest of case was lost simply because the person involved did not seek the help of a lawyer in dealing with the lawsuit filed against him or her. For more useful articles on lawsuit filed please browse through .


Criminal Defense Attorney – Why is he important?

Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you been charged with a crime? Proceed your legal actions with the help of criminal defense attorney!

Being charged with a crime is the worst thing that can happen to a person. Not only it breaks the person badly but also makes him hopeless about his future. What shall be done in this scenario?

If you have been charged with a crime, do not lose hope and take help from criminal defense attorney ASAP. He can help you proceed legally and defend you better in the legal proceedings. Whatever your situation is, a criminal defense lawyer plays a crucial part if you want to dispute your criminal charges.

Why is Criminal Defense Attorney Important?

Criminal law is difficult to understand as the rules and regulations are many and vary as per state. And if an accused person is unaware of his rights and does not understand the charges put against him, this can result in severe punishment. It can be worse if you are charged with felony punishment that mainly includes one or more years in prison. Here is why a criminal defense attorney is important for you:

  • He can challenge your arrest in those instances where police officers have had probable cause
  • Negotiate plea bargains
  • Argue in court for your reduced bail and reduce or eliminate jail time
  • Help you develop a strong defense strategy
  • Analyze the weaknesses and strengths of your case
  • Lessen the severity of the punishment
  • Discuss with you the pros and cons of going to trial
  • Understands the legal proceedings and will help you from the beginning till the end

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Once you have decided to take help from a lawyer, you need to find an experienced attorney to make sure that you encounter the least loss. You can begin by asking your friends and relatives. And if you do not want to publicize your arrest then take help from local directories. There are also several websites that provide information related to attorneys nearby your area.

There are certain questions that you need to ask the attorney before you finalize anything like:

  • How many jury trials he has litigated?
  • How many criminal cases he has handled?
  • His experience in the field and success rate?
  • Does he offer a payment plan and what is his fee structure?
  • Can he provide you any references of the clients he had handled in the past?

What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Criminal defense attorney has the expertise to handle variety of criminal cases like drug charges, felonies, white collar crimes and many other federal crimes. When you are looking for one, you need to make sure that that one you are hiring is best and must have knowledge and experience of handling your type of case. Criminal cases are sometimes hard to handle and the time taken to solve them also depends on the severity of the crime. This is the reason why hiring an attorney is a crucial step.


As soon as you are charged with a criminal offense, hire a criminal defense attorney and never delay the defense process. An early action might also save your life and your family’s future.